The data, the web and the app

data (proliferation and complexity);
content (production and dissemination);
participation (from use to engagement).

Under the motto The Data, the Web and the App, the projects developed in the Master of Communication Design and New Media are conceived as experimental approaches to communication shaped by the current manifestations of the new media. They explore their creative possibilities according to a reflection on the proliferation and complexity of data (and its significance), on the current forms of content production and dissemination (and its recombination) and on the increasing promotion of participation (from use to engagement), while addressing phenomena such as appification, persuasion and technological solutionism.

Master in Communication Design and New Media, Belas-Artes, ULisboa

(Projeto II)
Luísa Ribas, Sofia Gonçalves
(Laboratório II)
Miguel Cardoso

Graphic Design
Sofia Gralha

Álvaro Trabanco
Alyona Gorbach

Editing and proofreading
Maria Margarida Lopes
Beatriz Cabeleira
Margarida Correia