Predict or die

The perils of a solutionist future
Sofia Gralha

playful experience

Web application

Based on the critical discourse of Evgeny Morozov, Predict or Die places the user in a dystopian future. In a playful and provocative way, this app challenges the user to engage in an interactive experience with the aim of raising awareness about the future consequences of today’s technological dependency. The choices featured characterize the paradigm that Morozov names as Solutionism (2013), which describes the tendency to see technology as a solution to all matters of society. With the promise of making the world a better place, technology can even predict the future, dictate our actions and envision a world without problems, without imperfections or errors — a utopian future in which entrepreneurs of Silicon Valley believe, as protagonists of this paradigm. From this idea of technological innovation and human perfection come problems such as lack of autonomy, control or privacy.

Predict or Die appropriates the slogans of Silicon Valley, such as “innovate or die” and “ameliorate or die!”, seeking to challenge this ideology and to take a stand before the solutionist paradigm. It proposes a way to predict the future through the choices that are given to the user, addressing the supposed benefits of a technological solution but also offering possible alternatives. Through these options, the user is challenged to engage in an equally vicious as seductive and challenging cycle, which characterizes the solutionist mode of operation. The aim is to incite reflection on the “perils of a solutionist future” and on the importance of a change in attitude at the present time.


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