Behavior is the New Medium

Technology and persuasion
Margarida Correia


Persuasive design
Motivational patterns
User profiles

Web application

Persuasive technologies are described by BJ Fogg, under the term Captology, as any computer system designed to change the behavior or attitude of users. In this context, the project Behavior is the New Medium takes as its motto the statement by Robert Fabricant that highlights the value of behavior in media, thus leaving the designer with the task of creating situations that promote changes in user or consumer behavior.

Taking as its starting point the study and observation of the effective presence of persuasive strategies in technology, the project translates into an application for mobile devices that explores persuasion as its form and content. It applies persuasive techniques to the development of a playful experience whose main objective is to raise awareness on the phenomenon of persuasion in technological media. To this end, the project explores motivational design patterns, linking them to player profiles and applying gamification mechanics in order to promote different user dynamics.

The resulting application is configured as an exploration of persuasive principles, wherein every user action corresponds to a consequence and related content. Behavior is the new medium thus proposes a playful experience for knowing captology as a phenomenon that currently permeates the digital world.