I am data

An auto-ethnographic exploration
Beatriz Cabeleira

Personal data
Data visualization
Data Art 

Poster, Website

Nowadays, with the evolution of digital technology and media, we are able to collect, organize and access data in increasingly simple and easy ways. Through the use of social networks we categorize and store personal data that reflects our cultural identity, just as we make it accessible and public, offering it to companies that exploit and commodify it. The vast majority of these platforms apply our private data to homogeneous models (the “Profiles”) and automated processing tools, in order to represent an identity and social context.

I am data proposes an alternative perspective on the use of personal data through its informal and personal representation, following an auto-ethnographic approach. The project makes use of personal data available on social networks (like Goodreads and MUBI), which is likely to portray an identity, as indicators of cultural references and personal preferences. Once collected, organized and handled with digital tools, the data is transposed from social networks to a material representation. In this process, the information is filtered and represented in order to take on a more human, personalized and individual nature.


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