New Media, Old Principles

Technological empowerment of the working class
Álvaro Trabanco

Social Emancipation
Communication Tools

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New Media, Old Principles is a communication design project that seeks to relaunch the debate on the trends and prejudices regarding the use of new information and communication technologies by the left wing ideology. Having as a staring point the text Constituents of a Theory of the Media (1970) by Enzensberger, the project critically reacts to the left wing nostalgic technological preconceptions, exploring, in counterpoint, the emancipatory potential of collective production, sharing and communication of content through the use of digital media.

New Media, Old Principles is, to a certain extent, a meta-project that seeks to explain itself by using digital editorial design, interactive contents and information visualization. It also proposes a prototyping of communication tools to be used in a certain social or working context, including top-down channels (from the organizations to the users), bottom-up (from the user to the organization) and peer-to-peer (between individuals). It thus seeks to contextualize technology, departing from a Marxist theoretical stand, and to develop a first practical exploration of the use of digital media to promote communication.

The use of interactive tools, visualizations or audiovisual media as means for presenting information, seeks to allow the user the taking of a personal stand based on the exploration of the contents. These technological possibilities, allied to the connectivity provided by mobile devices, also allow the creation of new channels of communication between the organizations and their targeted public (in this case, the working class). In this manner, the project seeks to reinforce the proximity and contact between individuals as well as to devise an open path of information for the organizations.