Living on the edge ofdigitisation + narration + post-internet evolution

Projectos/websites de alunos do 1º ano, Mestrado em Design de Comunicação, 2019/2020

Projects/websites of students of the 1st year, Master in Communication Design, 2019/2020

In the midst of harder times, “living on the edge” has become an expression more commonly associated with our day-to-day lives, those which have somewhat turned into an uncool version of what we expected from a pandemic dystopia-like reality.
In the close of the first year of the Master’s Degree in Communication Design the students reflected upon many contemporary questions such as: human-machine relations, surveillance, post-internet society and the importance of individual identity.
Living on the edge of comes as a practical answer to the impossibility of a physical exhibition. It’s a crossroad that takes us to the many different worlds created by the students. The title also refers to the approaches they took to explore the limits of their particular subjects. Because what’s the point of living if not on the edge?