Matjaž Muhič final documentation


This work was based on the work of Rafael Lozano-Hemmer called “Voice Array”, and its about showing us how the number of people we meet can quickly overwhelme us. “My Little Social Chaos” is a personal project in a sense that the names used are mostly relevant to me. The visualisation is compiled into a simple video, consisting of 25 names of friends and acquaintances, including my own, being played in a chronological order, as i met each person in life. Each name was given it’s own waveform visualisation and position on the arrray according to the time of meeting. The results of this project is a black & white audiovizualisation and a website displaying the video. It shows us the chaos and noise which represents the difficulty of keeping relationships with friends, creating a visual chaos of jumping dots as each name is repeated over and over again.

Matjaž Muhič
2015/2016, 1º ano, 2º semestre, Som e Imagem